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Tom Tedeschi - Instructor/Sensei

Through a lifetime of hard work, Tom Tedeschi has become both an example and a teacher of what can be accomplished when love of a sport is combined with determination.  Sensei Tom, a native of Woodland Park, started training in 1973 with Robert Herten in Woodland Park.  In 1985, he received his 1st degree black belt (shodan) from Nakazato Shuguro Sensei 10th dan, Herten Sensei‚Äôs teacher.  Sensei Tom currently has a 7th degree (nanadan) and Kyoshi title from Herten Sensei (received in 2015) and is currently a student of Ahagon Naonobu 10th dan and President of Okinawa Shorin Ryu Reihokan Karate & Kobuto in Okinawa, Japan.  Sensei Tom has his dojo and teaching license directly from Ahagon Sensei in Okinawa, Japan.  He also holds Renshi Godan and kobuto (weapons) certifications under Hanshi Ahagon.  Sensei Tom stays polished by regularly visiting his dojo in Okinawa, as well as by bringing Hanshi to the USA.  The Totowa PAL is both fortunate and excited to work with Tedeschi Sensei and to bring this style of karate to the Totowa PAL.



Karate classes for ages 12 to 18 will soon be available at the Totowa PAL!  Stay tuned for additional information!



Tom Tedeschi